Continuation – Madrid

Continuation of my 5D4N Barcelona and Madrid article: Madrid

I flew into Madrid with Spanish budget airline vueling and I must compliment the staff for their pleasant service, making a great start to my journey. Getting into the centre from the airport was really accessible using the metro and bus services.

When to go: Year round – there’s always something to see!
As Madrid is inland, it gets hotter in comparison to Barcelona. Temperature in the Summer climb up to 38 degrees and the hottest month is usually July followed by August. For more bearable temperatures head to Madrid in Spring and Autumn but be warned, rainfalls are expected during these months as well.

What to see? – Madrid

Madrid is a city filled with top art galleries. This museum is huge and house more than 7000 paintings from the early renaissance period to Goya and the 18th century. The collection is so massive it’s overwhelming. Pick up one of the brochures and follow the “must-see” section if you stuck on where to start.  My favourite painting is Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights. Go check it out!

This art gallery offers more contemporary works by Dali and Picasso for example. Not only does this museum offer paintings, they showcase live art as well and screenings that may be of interest to you. I wouldn’t suggest going to two art galleries in the same day though, too much to take it. But do give this museum a chance, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

An absolutely gorgeous park where I remember stopping by for a mini-picnic and boating session. One of the most popular parks in Madrid, this place is a must visit. It was originally created as a royal park well outside city walls. Today the park is opened to public just round the corner from Prado Museum. Rent a boat and row on the lake while marveling at the Alfonso XII Monument and Palacios. It gets hot on the boat so slab plenty of sunscreen!

Enjoy the changing of guards ceremony, or just soak up the royal vibe at the Palace. This destination is an eye opener. On top of the magnificent courtyard and the understated grandeur of the interior, there are also the Armour museum, which displays impressive life-size statutes that replicate the “knights in shining armour”. There is also a Royal Pharmacy, one of the oldest in Europe.

Terrazas, something the Spanish love. Just pop a table outside and enjoy watching the people pass-by. Not only are there restaurants and bars within the Plaza, the big open space is known to hold a multitude of events like markets, soccer games, or even bullfights! Today, this venue is a popular place for both locals and tourists alike.

Definitely catch a Flamenco guitar and dance show. Show prices ranges from affordable to rather pricey. Do your research online or head to the tourist centre for more information! *Clap Clap Clap*

Where to party?

I didn’t get to party in Madrid but it’s meant to be really fun and happening. Check out timeout critic’s choice for some suggestions.

Getting around

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the article, metro and bus are the main form of transportation. Sometimes the bus may be more convenient to avoid changing of metro lines. Travel cost is cheap in Madrid, about 1Euro for the single ticket for both the Metro and the Bus.

Peregrinate with me

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