I packed my Home on a Eurotrip

Traveling for a month with your entire family without a tour guide can be rather exhausting. Fun, but exhausting since you’ve got to cater to everyone’s diverging interests. These are just some simple tips to make your group travel a whole lot easier and enjoyable.

Tip #1 – If you can, forgo the public transport
Some budget travelers may not believe it but hiring a car/taxi can be cheaper if you’re traveling in a group! Save your efforts lugging your bags in and out of trains. Book in advance for better deals and sit back and enjoy your holiday.

Tip #2 – Look out for family/group discounts
A lot of attractions offer family and group discounts. Do your googling in advance before your trip but even so, there is no harm asking when you’re there! (And always bring along your ID for under 16s/18s or students)

Tip #3 – Speak up and listen
Nobody’s going to know what you’re thinking if you don’t say it. Don’t wait till your holiday ends to bitch/speak up because it is over. Have your own list of must-dos and consolidate it with the rest of the groups interests. Plan your itinerary according to the must-dos so everyone is satisfied. Nobody wants to be disappointed at the end of a holiday.

Tip #4 – It is okay to split up 
There is no rule saying that you have to start the day as a group and end the day as a group. You will be surprised at the amount of things you can accomplish if you split up the pack. For instance when my family visited Disneyland my siblings and I went separate ways with our parents but we all had our fair share of fun and enjoyed our day when we met up after.

Tip #5 – Plan B
When things fall apart, you always need a plan B. Be it a rainy day, or the attraction is closed for renovation for a year, or if you suddenly realise that the group you’re traveling with is on a different wavelength with you. Apply Tip #3 then Tip #4 then Tip #5. It will work out, but quality of the trip is in your own hands now. Good luck.

Tip #6 – Too much expectation comes with disappointment
You only have so much time to do so much things. And trust me, packing your schedule back to back day in day out when you’re traveling in a large group is strenuous. It’s fine if you’re on your own but always be considerate as not everyone is as fit or as nimble as you are. Being over ambitious is not the way to go instead, keep an open mind and relax. After all, you’re on a vacation!

Tip #7 – Day tours
You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish on a day tour. Pick one that everyone is interested in and let the tour guide do their job!

Tip #8 – Agree on a General Budget
Group traveling saves money, especially when you book a large apartment for your accommodation. Still, it is important to come to a consensus on the budget as some may choose to dine at restaurants everyday while others prefer visiting the local supermarket. Money issues can be quite touchy and you certainly don’t want to have a clash during your holiday. Work out a budget and stick to it.

Group traveling is of course fun especially when you’re with people you love hanging out with. No doubt, hanging out at the mall is different from traveling together, everyone’s travel needs differs. You have the shoppers versus the museum lovers versus mountain climbers. People find common interest when they’re traveling together and build stronger bonds and it can be quite a magical experience. Or of cause if the trip doesn’t go well even during the planning stage, friends can become foes. So in any case, it is always useful to apply Tip #3. Nothing beats good communication.

Peace & Love,

Eileen x