The African Continent

Africa is a continent I have yet to explore. Researching and googling about Africa makes me want to go there so much. There’s just something alluring about the place. One of the destinations that caught my attention is Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous archipelago of the coast of Tanzania. Did you know that Stone Town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site being one of the most unique cities in the world. Walk through the labyrinth like town and feel the blend of Moorish, Arab, Indian, African and a twist of European culture. Draws you doesn’t it? Going back to the main island and further up North, there you have the Mt Kilimanjaro National Park, Africa’s famous snow-capped mountain looming over the savannah plains. I’ve also mentioned Ethiopia in my previous post, located at the Horn of Africa and one of the oldest countries consisting of rich African history. And one certainly cannot forget Cape Town, the Mother City further down in South Africa, where you can be on the same beach swimming with penguins! My list can go on and on and on. The continent just has so much to offer, I don’t think i know anybody who doesn’t want to give it a visit at least once in their life time.

I came across a video on vimeo which depicts the beauty I was envisioning and would like to share it here.

Eileen x

Note: I do not intend to claim any ownership or copyright to the respective media posted on this blog. I acknowledge all rights reserved by the owner (i.e. director, producer).

Peregrinate with me

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