Will you take the leap of fate?

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I woke up to an interesting video this morning. Heineken adopted a pretty expensive marketing strategy for their Dropped project and gave travellers a chance to drop their planned itinerary and head to somewhere exotic with the catch that they don’t know where they are heading to. This is an attempt to encourage people to be spontaneous, to be adventurous. An attempt to encourage people to “drop” what the have for a leap of fate. Sounds pretty cool? I got really psyched about it initially and after looking into this further, this is my take on why not taking it doesn’t necessarily make you unadventurous but first, watch the video.

So I gave some thoughts about it, placed myself in the situation to see if I would take up the challenge and I realised it depends. A couple of contestants backed out because they had a planned work trip. That doesn’t make them boring, it makes them responsible! Someone backed out because he was going for his mate’s bachelor’s party. That doesn’t make him less spontaneous or unadventurous, in fact going for the challenge and ditching his friend would make him a jerk! Well, my point is, this is an awesome idea but personally, if I’m planning a long trip somewhere, it’s usually a place I want to visit, like my most recent South Africa trip, I would have NEVER in the right mind given up that itinerary to go somewhere else. But say I’m planning a weekend trip nearby then yeah, I would totally give that up for a free trip to somewhere exotic! The experiment was carried out in JFK and I would imagine say someone was flying interstate and wasn’t tied down to work or studies, there wouldn’t be a reason to say no. The dude that won the Cyprus trip was going home to Austria for 6 weeks. Detouring to Cyprus didn’t mean that he actually dropped his plans to head home, Heineken bought his flight from Cyprus to Austria and back to JFK. And the other guy who won the trip to Thailand was going home and it didn’t matter if he went back slightly later for an exotic trip to Thailand. Both was a win-win situation. Having said that, I know people who are skeptical and wouldn’t even think of re-routing so kudos to all that took up the challenge (insert applause)! The bottom-line is, the departure roulette isn’t for everyone and not taking up the challenge doesn’t make you less adventurous or less spontaneous, vice versa. However, if you find someone who actually dropped something that mattered, or had already planned a super cool trip say to iceland for the first time or equivalent and still went for it, let me know, i will sincerely give you my utmost respect. Bon voyage everyone. 🙂

Eileen x

How I Planned My Roadtrip

Many of you have been asking me for tips and advice on how to plan a road trip. Honestly, my answer is that there are no specific guidelines on how a road trip should be planned because it is subjected to your interests and traveling style. If you have plenty of free time, you could easily rent a car, have no plans and go wherever the road takes you. So, I’ve centred this piece on how I planned my road trip and hopefully you’ll find it helpful if you’re looking for somewhere to start planning your own adventure!

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I am back from South Africa

Hey all, so I just got back from my South Africa trip and I’m still feeling the blues. I was there for 2 weeks and it was ah-mae-zinggg. Like seriously, I was blown away. Well I am super psyched and I’m back at school so I have more time to blog and I promise I will. I just have so much to share! My itinerary, tips on which route to take, and one question that a lot of people have asked me about, SAFETY. I will answer all that in my next few blog posts to come. STAY TUNE!



Eileen x