My First Tandem Skydive Experience

Skydive CapetownI ticked several activities off my bucketlist during my SA trip and tandem skydiving was one of them. As I have already done the world highest bridge bungy (i’ll have a separate post on that), I wasn’t quite nervous about doing the skydive. In fact, I was more excited than anything else! Cape Town was perfect as a drop zone as you can see from my picture above, you get a beautiful view of the ocean, along with Table Mountain, Robben Island and multiple sand dunes. Prince Harry did a jump here as well! 😉

Some of you are wondering if the tandem skydive is scary, and I get comments such as “Should I do it? But I’m afraid of jumping out the plane”. My answer is, “DO IT” and allow me to reassure you about your fears. Have faith and trust your tandem master. My tandem master was great from the start till the end. Right from the moment the plane took off, he was reassuring me and watching my back. If I’m honest, there was an occasion on the plane when I got slightly nervous. My friend and I were on the plane doing the tandem jump, together with 2 other solo jumpers and when we got to about 9000ft, the door of the plane opened and the girl jumped out. At that point, I thought to myself “(gulp) I don’t think I’ll have the balls to do that”. But anyway, the tandem jump itself turned out to be very manageable. The duration of the entire jump from the moment we got out of the plane lasted about 35 seconds. All you need to do is to lean back, bend your knees backwards, smile for the camera and enjoy your jump. You will definitely feel the fall at first instance when your tandem master jumps out from the plane. But after a couple of seconds you will feel like you’re floating and it’s such an amazing feeling, the closest you can get to flying! My tandem master even gave me a chance to steer the parachute!

All in all, I had great fun and it’s something everybody should try and do once in their lifetime. I promise, you will not regret it! 🙂

Some of you are concerned about the rates because skydiving isn’t the cheapest activity. I know that a couple of places in the states offer quite good pricing, under USD200. My jump in South Africa was very reasonable as compared to other places in the world. Check out Skydive Capetown for more details. Switzerland is probably one of the most expensive in comparison to the rest of the world BUT you do get an awesome view of the alps. This is a pretty decent website for more details on pricing and locations in the world -> skydiving.findthebest

So what are you waiting for guys! Go on and book one of the most amazing experience of your lifetime! Happy jumping!

PS: I was trying to upload my skydive video to share but technology isn’t on my side, I will do so when it works!

– Update!


Eileen x

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