New Mission to Uncover Sri Lanka


I was meant to do my work but I side tracked and started researching on my next destination: Sri Lanka. A lot of people have a misconceived idea of Sri Lanka thinking it’s still in its dark civil war days, but friends, it ended in 2009. I can’t wait to peel open the different sides of Sri Lanka and show it to all of you. For starters, there are soooooo many ancient ruins in Sri Lanka. From Anuradhapura to Polonnaruwa and they are all part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And also, I’m psyched to visit the quaint sacred town of Kandy and take a scenic train ride down to Ella via Nuwara Eliya where there are plenty of tea plantations, mountains and greeneries alike. Am also planning to head down to Mirissa Beach and a stop over at Old Town Galle and its Fort, also named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I’m open to recommendations if you all know of any hidden gems or possibly the food that I must try in Sri Lanka. šŸ™‚ So excited!


Eileen x

photo credit: via photopin cc

Peregrinate with me

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