The Truth About Photography

I shared this video on my Facebook yesterday and I want to share it with all my readers. First of all, I finally visited the ‘National Geographic 50 Greatest Photograph Exhibition’ that was ongoing in my city and I left the place feeling so inspired. The photographs were so powerful. It either sends a message, tells a story or connects with you.

"Good photography has the power to 
undo your assumptions about the world"

I found this video on youtube, which included photographers who had their photographs as part of Nat Geo’s 50 Greatest Photograph showcase. This is their take on their journey of being a photographer and what it means to photograph.

"A weapon to show what's going on out there"
"I photograph to understand"

It’s really about capturing an emotion, stopping time, seeing hope and bridging the world. The one picture that struck me most at the exhibition is a portrait of a young Peruvian shepherd  by William Albert Allard. The story behind the photograph is that, a driver had ran over half of the herd and the picture transversed the boy’s shattered emotions. You can see it in his eyes, the way he looks at the camera while weeping. The image had touched audiences worldwide and through the sale of the photograph, a substantial sum was raised and given to the village where the Peruvian boy lived and the sheep were replaced.

"People do care"

Here’s a link to William Albert Allard’s interview about this photograph.

"There's nothing more beautiful, captivating, amazing, spiritual, 
as what's around us right now"

I highly recommend everyone to visit this exhibition if you have to chance to and I hope it moves you the same as it did for me.

Peace & Love,

Eileen x

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