[Book Review]: Fish Eats Lion

This is my very first book review! I was fortunate to be given this book by the Singapore Writer’s Festival team and I want to share what I love about it. I’m only half way through the book but I’m really enjoying Fish Eats Lion.


photo credits: Books Actually

Fish Eats Lion edited by Jason Erik Lundberg, is a collection of fiction being written in Singapore today. I was given a few books to choose from but I made this pick because I’m always excited to embrace the works of homegrown talent. My country is often regarded as a strict city where law-abiding citizens, leading average routined lives, make up most of our society. However, contrary to this perception, Fish Eats Lion takes you on an imaginative ride and turns this city into fantasy. What I love about this book, is how the authors tap on Singapore’s unique culture and history to create a tale that captures the heart of its readers. Being Singaporean myself, I like the sense of belonging as I picked out familiar references along the way. It is refreshing to see a unique mix of short stories, from sci-fi to political satire crafted by talented local writers.

I still have some pages to read on but I know for sure that it will be a good and satisfying read, it already is. For non-Singaporeans, this book is an interesting way to be introduced to this vibrant city. This book is whimsical, new-age and dark at times but it is definitely worth a read.

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the pages in the book. An extract from Big Enough For the Entire Universe by Victor Fernano R Ocampo. Rather intriguing piece of writing.

20131120_002038 3

Fish Eats Lion is published by Math Paper Press and you can purchase it on Books Actually web store.

Thank You SWF Team again for your generosity. 🙂

Peace & Love,
Eileen x

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