SL #2


Today’s journey was a sacred one. We visited practically all the ancient ruins in Anuradhapura and learnt a lot about Sri Lanka’s religious origins. It started of with an ancient Buddhist Monastery and following that we went on to visit the oldest Temple in Sri Lanka (Isurumuni raja Maha Viharaya) with a beautiful love story behind it. It was just like Romeo and Juliet except “Romeo” didn’t kill himself but gave up the throne instead to live happily ever after.  Wise choice  I must say.

Within the sacred city, there were so many stupas and I got really confused which one was which. I did however manage to remember the stupa (Jetavana Dagoba) that trumps as the world’s tallest structure made entirely out of bricks and is now protected by UNESCO.

Day 2 in Sri Lanka and I’m still feeling the warmth from the locals. There were many Sri Lankans offering their prayers at the various religious sites and almost everyone had smiles on their faces as my friend and I walked by. Looking forward to tomorrow’s itinerary.

Peace & Love,

Eileen x

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