SL #3

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Note to myself: Do not visit Sigiriya and the Rock Temple on the same day. Seriously, my legs are so wobbly now from the many steps I conquered. Though having said that, the torture up was well worth it! What I absolutely love about Sri Lanka is the many stories I get to listen to. Yesterday was “Romeo & Juliet”, today I was told the tale between the two brothers who fought for the throne.

Sri Lanka has many treasures and both Sigiriya and the Rock Temple are definitely on the top of the list. As seen in the picture of the day, those are painting dating more than a 1000 years old, found at the top of Sigiriya, home to a fortress built by one of the brothers.

As for the Rock Temple in Dambulla, it is Asia’s very own sixteenth chapel. It is amazing to see this temple that dates back to 1st century BC. Inside, the contours of the caves are painted with intricate religious images and I couldn’t help but just stare at the work of art.

Both sites are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and I feel so absolutely privileged to have left my footprints there.

Peace & Love,

Eileen x

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