SL #14

Screenshot 2013-12-23 17 - edited

A moray eel greeted me this morning. My first moray eel sighting since I got my open water diver cert! Along with some barracudas. Since the tsunami in 2004, it’s a pity that a lot of the corals have been destroyed and marine life depleted over the years. However, we manage to catch a glimpse of what the waters here have to offer. Was told by the divers in Sri Lanka that Trincomale has a more vibrant reef. Gives me a reason to come back to Sri Lanka again.

Going to catch the train for Colombo tomorrow morning and I will be spending Xmas and the last few days of my Sri Lanka adventure in the big city. I’m both excited to see what Colombo has to offer but rather upset that it will be the end of my trip! Nonetheless, people I’ve met along the way have been good to me and I’ve saved some pretty awesome memories from the experience I’ve had here.

Colombo I’m coming for you.

Peace & Love,

Eileen x

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