SL #15 & #16

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First of all, a late Merry Xmas to everyone. It’s my last night in Colombo and I’m leaving for the airport in the morning. I suppose to all good things must come to an end. My first impression of Colombo was “chaos”, but subsequently, I realised that this city has a lot of potential to grow. Being a Singaporean, I can see Sri Lanka now as the early days of Singapore evidenced from the increase in focus on their port and the countless skyscrapers that are under construction.

If I’m honest, I liked the other villages and towns that I went by on this trip more so than Colombo. It’s fair to say that like many other cities in the world, there would be more scams and touts as compared to the humble rural regions. Nonetheless, I enjoy what it has to offer. Left my footprints around the incredibly vibrant Pettah Market. Took a lovely stroll around the Fort on Xmas day. Had my zen moment at Seema Malaka. Checked out the World Trade Centre and shopped around countless malls including the oldest building believed to be in Colombo; the Old Dutch Hospital.

Thank you Sri Lanka. I will definitely visit again.

Peace & Love,

Eileen x

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