5 Places That Define My Childhood (but have now closed down)

Feeling a bit nostalgic so I’ve decided to do up a post that takes me down memory lane! Here are 5 places that defined my childhood but are sadly shut now. If you’re from the same era as me, hopefully these places remind you of your good times in the past as well!

1. FunDazzle

I was sourcing all over the internet but I couldn’t find a picture of the old Fun Dazzle in Singapore! Shame. Fun Dazzle was the closest place to heaven for kids in my era. Looking back now, the ball pits were probably super unhygienic. But as a child, swinging from bar to bar, cruising down a zip line and jumping into a pool of colourful balls, is probably the best feeling ever.

photo credit: S n o R k e l via photopin cc

2. Curly Fries and Root Beer Float from A&W

Remember the brown bear in the orange shirt? Remember their curly fries, their root beer float, their corny dogs? Remember A&W? I speak for the majority “A&W, PLEASE COME BACK TO SINGAPORE!!”.


photo credits: A&W Facebook SG

3. THE Char Siew Bread from Red House Bakery

Not sure if many of you know this place but I used to patronise it a lot as a child. I would go there after tuition class on Saturdays and indulge in the freshly baked Char Siew (“honey roasted pork”) bread. Oh, and I will never forget the slanted floor. The Red House Bakery indeed has it’s own charm.

red house bakery

photo credits: stproperty

4. Day Outs at Escape Theme Park

Many complain that this was small, and crappy and obviously not as exciting as theme parks overseas. However, I really REALLY enjoyed it. There were the go-karts, the flipper ride and the panasonic alpha 8 ride. Did you know that the log flume at Escape Theme Park was the highest in Asia? It was 5 storeys high consisting of not one but TWO drops.

Escape theme park

photo credits: panoramio

5. Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

My grandmother and I use to take the train in and out of Singapore so this a memorable location for me. The place is rich with heritage and the architecture is one that signifies the relationship between Singapore and Malaysia. Following an agreement between Singapore and Malaysia, the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station ceased its operation (emotional moment).

For those who want to know more about this place, I’ve included an interesting short documentary on Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.


Even though these places no longer exist (or operate) in Singapore now, there are so many new establishments that bring equally exciting experiences. Guess we should be more appreciative of them in case they disappear in years to come!

Peace & Love,
Eileen x

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