10 Movies to Watch During the CNY Season

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I just came home from a sumptuous dinner at my Grandmother’s place. Thought I was being smart by wearing a really loose fit dress so I don’t have to unbutton my jeans or loosen my belt, but I sure did not anticipate the amount I ate.

Anyway, I’ve mentioned before that I absolutely love CNY. It is great to have everyone sitting down together, eating, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. If you are not catching up with someone (or gambling), chances are, you’ll be staring at whatever’s playing on telly. Plenty of CNY movies are released this time of the year or played on loop on TV. Honestly, CNY wouldn’t be complete without some Stephen Chow classics.


However, when I was at my Grandmother’s place with my relatives, we  found ourselves struggling to find a programme on television suitable for everybody in the room. Hence, I thought I’d do up a list that could give all of you celebrating CNY some ideas on what to play in the background when you have visitors. It is a great way to keep everyone together and most of the movies I’ve picked are likened across the age groups. Moreover, most of them are available full length on youtube, or you can even get it real cheap at a dvd store. Go on, have a good laugh with your friends and family, it’s the new year!

1. God of Gamblers

All of you gamblers yearn to be the God of Gamblers every CNY. LEARN FROM CHOW YUN FATT. Just look at his flare and consistent smirk throughout the game. We cantonese will say “好型!”


2. Kung Fu Hustle

One of my absolute favourites that made me laugh till I pissed in my pants. It’s THAT good. The martial arts choreography is so comical yet so brilliant at the same time. Here’s one of their most (the most in my opinion) epic scenes.


3. Shao Lin Soccer

Another Stephen Chow Classic taking soccer to the next level. The action is amazeballs.


4. Mahjong Warrior

Their bad ass attitude… the way Andy Lau rolls the dice… the way they take their tiles… I can’t even…
PS: I watch this every year.


5. Infernal Affairs 1, 2, 3

How about a marathon of some quality Chinese movie for Chinese New Year. Infernal Affairs starring Andy Lau and Tony Leung inspired The Departed starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Daemon. Leo baby I love you to bits but Infernal Affairs was better. People if you haven’t seen Infernal Affairs, I can’t believe you! GO WATCH IT.

Freaking 95% on rottentomatoes!!

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.56.15 AM

6. Money Not Enough 2

Since CNY is a family affair, we can’t forget some heart warming local production. I couldn’t find the first one but I remember watching the second movie in the theatres and hearing endless sobbing in the cinema.


7. 881

This is another local production that I caught with my family when it came out. As a Singaporean, I really love watching locally produced movies as it is very relatable. Watching 881 might be a no-no for the pantang (superstitious) people as it is about the getai (something common during the hungry ghost festival). If you don’t mind, 881 is a light-hearted, funny yet heartwarming movie about sisterhood, which is think is very apt for this family gathering season.


8. Homerun

Before Ilo Ilo, we had Homerun, which garnered a lot of international focus back then and won several awards. I think this enjoyable movie deserves a special shoutout. Jack Neo usually does well in the comedy genre but Homerun was a different direction from his usual style and I felt like it was a breakthrough for him as well. Again, do enjoy this local production with your friends and family because it is a good movie that shouldn’t be forgotten.


9. Army Daze

This will always be my favourite classic. Even after so many years, I’d still find it so entertaining. No matter if you’re a dude or a lady, or an adult or a kid, I gaurantee you Army Daze will make you LOL if not ROFL.


10. Ilo Ilo

I couldn’t miss this out from the list can I? For those who don’t know about Ilo Ilo, it is a local production that was awarded the Camera d’Or award at the Cannes Festival last year (2013). The movie is now available on DVD!



As you will realise by now, half of the list consists of Singapore produced movies. I’ve been a fan of home-grown talents and as Singaporeans we should come together and be proud of what we have! And besides they are all good movies that can hype up the this CNY season.

Hope you enjoy the selection and Happy Chinese New Year again!

Peace & Love

Eileen x

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