Accommodations in Singapore for $30 (and under)

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Singapore has been crowned the world’s most expensive city! I’m not certain if that is something to be happy about but we’ll leave that debate for another forum.

In the interest of attracting more (budget) travellers into Singapore, I’ve collated a list of accommodations that cost $30 and under. However, before you get all excited and read on, I have to say that most of the accommodations I picked are hostels (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). And also, the prices are according to their cheapest bed available i.e. from $22 for mixed dorm. There are a couple on the list that offer private rooms for a pretty reasonable rate and I will state them accordingly. Either way, these accommodations are definitely a steal for an atas* country.

*local slang to describe something that is high-class or to imply that something is expensive

5 Footway Inn (From $22)

Private rooms: $68
Selling point: This chic boutique hostel has four locations in Singapore to choose from. All of them are located centrally (Boat quay, Bugis, Chinatown x2) for your convenience! Looking at the interior, even I feel like having a night at the loft!




(photo credits to 5 Footway Inn)

B88 Hostel (From $26)

Selling point: The lounge has a unique touch and reviews rave about their cleanliness.




(photo credits to B88 Hostel)

Bunc@Radius (From $29)

Private Room Ensuite: $169
Selling point: This hostel aims to bring you both comfort and style. There is also a game console room and a movie room – a perfect hangout for you and other travellers alike! The private room is beautifully decorated as well!




(photo credits to Bunc@Radius)

mOni Gallery Hostel (From $22)

Classic Room for 4: $106
Selling point: The artsy theme stands out amongst other hostels. There is a in-house gallery with art paintings and sculptures. Perfect for the art enthusiasts!





(photo credits to mOni Gallery Hostel)

Pillows & Toast (From $28)

Selling point: Pillows & Toast is like your home away from home offering you utmost comfort and cleanliness during your stay.




(photo credits to Pillows & Toast)

ABC Premium Hostel (From $30)

Selling point: This is another hostel that is known for their homey touch. According to reviews, the beds are very comfortable. I haven’t tried it myself but comfort is definitely a selling point worth mentioning.




(photo credits to ABC Premium Hostel)

Beary Good/Nice Hostel (From $28)

Selling point: There are 3 beary hostels and they have achieved several accolades since they started. From best value to best staff to best cleanliness and best hostel last year on!




(photo credits to Beary Good Hostel)

WokeHome Capsule Hostel (From $30)

Selling point: Even though this is a capsule hostel, it has everything you need, even a 15 inch TV in your own capsule! 




(photo credits to WokeHome Capsule Hostel)

Rucksack Inn (From $29)

Selling point: This is one of the most popular backpackers in Singapore. It has a somewhat spontaneous and adventurous vibe and promises a lots of fun during your stay!




(photo credits to Rucksack Inn)

G4 Station Backpacker’s (From $28)

Private Room: $80
Selling point: G4 Station Backpacker’s promises a no frills place to snooze! The humble team strives to provide their guests a relaxed atmosphere during their stay.




(photo credits to G4 Station Backpackers)

Fernloft City Hostel (From $20)

Private Room: $36
Selling point: Fernloft Hostel pride itself for its customer service. They abide by the 6 Cs: comfort, cleanliness, convenience, care, cost-friendliness and character, to ensure that each and every one of their customer receive a great hostel experience.




(photo credits to Fernloft Hostel)

The Sleepy Kiwi (From $20)

Private room: $89
Selling point: This is an absolutely chilled hostel located right smack in the Arab district. Soak in the culture as you lounge at the front porch. For the location and the price, this is definitely a hostel worth considering!



(photo credits to the Sleepy Kiwi)

Bonus: Under $20!

Shophouse: The Social Hostel (From $18)

Shophouse is a newly established hip and indie boutique hostel. The lounge has a vintage touch to it and there is even a roof top terrace where you have a perfect view of Kampong Glam. I’ll let the pictures speak for itself.





(photo credits to Shophouse: The Social Hostel)

So you see, even though Singapore is expensive, it shouldn’t deter you from visiting! Aside from the accommodation you can also fill your tummy with awesome food with just $2!

Hopefully you find this post useful, or informative. And enjoy your stay. 🙂

PS: If you enjoyed this post, do check out my Accommodation Guide for South Africa and Sri Lanka. I also did one for Alternative Staycations in Singapore.

Disclaimer: The prices quoted are valid as of 08/03/2014 and may vary according to season (peak vs non-peak). If you are interested in any of them, please contact them directly.

Peace  & Love,

Eileen x

64 thoughts on “Accommodations in Singapore for $30 (and under)

  1. THey obviously forgot claustrophobic people absolutely cannot stay in double decks or pod. So hostels are out of the question.

    1. Hi there. Im sorry that hostels make you uncomfortable. However, i did mention in my post that some of these options offer private rooms as well, at a very reasonable rate. That can be an alternative if you’re claustraphobic. Thank you for reading 🙂

    2. Sorry to judge but u obviously travel comfortable, and/or don’t travel enough. Maybe u should try backpacking across Europe or the States and realize that in order to cover more places without burning a hole in ur wallet u kind of need to bear with motels, hostels and dorms. a lot of hostels i know have taken a great length of effort to not just provide beds but also service, games and a social space. maybe u should try that some time. it’s already hard to find good hostels for us travelling around sg, we beggars can’t be choosers unlike u mr whiny

    3. The claustrophobic people can go stay somewhere else then if they do not like staying in hostels. What a dumb comment.

    4. Looks like it sucks to be claustrophobic and poor at the same time. Then again, perhaps they wouldn’t even make it across, needing to sit in a plane for more than a few hours… nah uh, I don’t think so.

  2. Hey, thanks for this. For someone who lives in Johor Bahru and commutes to SG to work everyday, this totally beats sleeping in the car when I’m just too tired to drive across the causeway with the heavy traffic. This list works for me because my GF stays in town area so I’ve no qualms with late night supper with her as long as I have my rest!

  3. It is pretty misleading when most of the photos you posted are either the private rooms or the common area? But then again, I got to agree that for a developed city like Singapore, under $30SGD for a mixed dorm is comparable to the major cities in Europe but the quality you get here is slightly better. 🙂 I’m not sure if STB is actually interested to attract budget tourists. Anyway, we can hardly compete with our neighbours on the budget category. A big thanks anyway, I hope they can accept people without a place to stay and holding a Singaporean passport.

    1. Thank you for the feedback! I try to have a good mix of pictures to show the building, the rooms, the common area and/or reception but sorry if it misled you! Thank you for reading anyways 🙂 – (and I hope they accept locals w/o a place too!)

  4. You can also try at, which is at Lavender street
    I just stayed here with my family, we payed $130 for Family 4 beds, and they are very goof with family friendly, also they bring breakfast to us just like how we dine at home! This is one best thing, because they greet almost all their guests first thing in the morning everyday! Most hostels we stayed from Singapore before to Italy and Belgium, they put breakfast on counter and self service, so Drop Inn Singapore is very homey! okay they called themselves boutique B&B. Their hospitality is good, beds comfy, my mom and dad slept like a baby, and my bed space has a curtain drawn for privacy from my own parents too!.. lol
    Toilets clean, they clean like most times, and best thing the other guests are friends with us.

    I recommend this upmarket hostel,, Not noisy, no party animals, good healthy crowd.

    1. DUDE, why do you want to have a staycation in a hostel? Not only do majority of the hostels do not accept local residents, they also limit their hostellers to various groups. The aim of a (good) hostel is to provide low-cost accommodation for travellers and to encourage cultural exchange. It’s called ‘hostelling’.
      If the hostels are filled with locals then the aim is defeated! Ur general knowledge is jia lat. If you want to have a quickie with your other half over the weekends, find a dodgy hotel lah if you’re so kiam siap =.=

  5. It’ll be a more informative post if you’ve included their locations / addresses. I’ve lived in Singapore for quiet some time and I’ve never seen (actual or agoda) or heard of them.

    1. Hi Brian. Most of the hostels in Singapore are concentrated at Chinatown, Little India, Bugis and Boat Quay/Clark Quay area. Quite a few of them on the list have more than one brunch at these locations. You can find reviews on these hostels on tripadvisor,, or I’ve also included hyperlinks to these hostels if you’re interested to find out more. Hope these additional information helped. Thank you for reading. 🙂

      1. The author was so nice to utilise his time and came up with this helpful list, the last thing anyone would say is something ungrateful. If you really wanted a staycation, you jolly well research for yourself. This post is his intention of providing reviews for you to brainstorm about. Think twice before you speak, unappreciative and spoilt brat.

  6. Very nice to get some new ideas about where to stay in Singers, some of the places looks very nice indeed, thanks! Definititely saving this in my bookmarks list 🙂

  7. This is a great list! thanks for sharing. Personally i stayed in 5footway.inn just recently and quite like that place. the 6 bed dorm is clean and spacious. paid S$33 but i am not sure if it is peak season or what. overall, good place and i will be back ^_^

    1. Hi Liz, thank you for the approval! I’ve walked pass 5footway inn a few times and it does seem like a really nice place! Glad to hear it from someone who have stayed there first hand. 🙂

  8. anybody knows of any hostels that accept locals? I’m local but live JB and working shift in Singapore and there are times where I need to stay overnight


    1. Hi Yati. The good thing about hostels is that most of the owners are really chilled and flexible. There are no hard and fast rule but i believe that as long there’s room and you’re not a runaway from the police (which i’m certain you’re not!) there shouldn’t be a reason to reject someone just because they are local. Having said that, some are indeed quite sticky with their policies so you might want to aim the ones that seem more chilled and give them a call to find out more! 🙂

  9. Hello,

    I’m glad I came across this post. Very informative and I like the fact that you supplemented your article with some very good pictures! I’m sharing it on facebook for my crazy backpacking mates! 🙂


  10. This is a lifesaver. I can’t thank you enough for posting it. My friends and I were planning a trip to Singapore sometime this year. I guess one of these places would be where we would stay. Cheers man!

    1. You are most welcome! I’m so glad you’re making a trip down to visit my sunny island. (Though there’s some smog in the air now. Do come after it clears!) Thank you for sharing and enjoy Singapore! 🙂

  11. I like your rooms. We will be scheduled on oct 1 to be there in singapore. We are all # 13 . Kindly email me your telephone nos. so we can call you or email me your email address.
    Thank you.

  12. Wow, thanks for this post! I often travel to Singapore and either bunk in awkward places provided by friends (if they aren’t away) or Footprints Hostel (which is no doubt great in terms of service and price, but ordinary for sure), it would be nice to try something different for once! Thanks again!

  13. going to attend some course near Newton Mrt area..for 8 days on May. Do any good recommend? 2 persons. .I budget sgd20 for person per night. Isit possible?

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