Review: 5 Footway Inn – Project Boat Quay

Remember that one time when I did the post on accommodations under $30 in Singapore? Well, I featured 5 Footway Inn and briefly mentioned that it would be nice to have a night at the hostel. Lucky me, the kind people at 5 Footway Inn did contact me and invited me to experience their lovely accommodation! Here are my thoughts on it.

Personal Experience

I’ve only been to the North Bridge Road branch since my office is in the area. I was expecting a more obvious entrance like the other branch but I found my way to an inconspicuous door. Kinda felt like Alice when I was walking up (courtesy of the whimsical cafe beside the entrance). However, as I weaved my way through the maze to the reception area, I was pleasantly surprised.


“inconspicuous entrance”


“through the corridors of the hostel”


“picture of the reception” – taken from their fb page cause mine turned out to be too dark!

The reception is a very comfortable place to relax and lounge with the other hostel guest. There are a few iMacs available for the guests and if u have your own device, wifi is available throughout the building. After checking in, I was led to my (standard double) room and I was also given a key card. The key card allows access into your room as well as the cupboards inside for extra safety! Honestly, I was quite impressed because the only other place I know/stayed at that does this is Urbany hostel in Barcelona.


“Entrance to my room – #67”


“Key card access to my room”


“The card also locks the cupboards in the room”


The room isn’t very big but it was adequate and cosy. It comes with a bed, a table and a cupboard. You see that white box thing on the wall? There’s actually a plug in there so that you can charge your phone and leave it there for the night! How clever.

There isn’t a TV or lounge area in the room but honestly, you chose to stay in a hostel, so get out there and mingle! There is a very inviting roof terrace for guest to mingle (I made a few friends at the terrace myself). It is opened 24/7 with available wifi so you can just head up there whenever you like and feel absolutely at home. The roof terrace is also where breakfast is served.


“sign leading up to the terrace”


“entry to the terrace – how perfect does it look? that couch, that light, that tv, the frames on the wall, oh and the people of course.”

The terrace is actually also a gallery (Gallery 76) featuring works by local award-winning photographer Edwin Koo. So in love with the pictures.


“I love all the gorgeous photographs at every turn”


“I want that sliding door”


“Morning view from the terrace”


“More award-winning photographs”


“Ingenious use of squeeze bottles”


“And this is where you get your breakfast – toast & cereal”

The people behind the hostel are very thoughtful and they prepared guides, maps and plenty of information for their guests. If you’re feeling thirsty at night and you’re too lazy to walk to the convenient store, drinks are also available for sale at the reception!


“Maps marked out for tourists”


“MRT guide to get to your nearest attraction”


“More information about various attractions”


“The iMacs as mentioned earlier”


For the price you pay, the location is an absolute bargain. Being right in the middle of Boat Quay, you’re an arms length away from many pubs like Molly’s, Penny Black, Red Dot and London Bar. Cat cafe NEKO no NIWA is also round the corner.

You won’t be afraid of going hungry as there are plenty of awesome food eateries like BK eating house (BAK CHOR MEE!! ‘beef ball noodles’), Yong Tau Fu with the perpetual long queue next door and the famous Nasi Padang down the road. The hostel is also in the middle of many attractions. A short turn and you’ll find yourself at Chinatown; walk the other way and you’ll get to the museum district. Esplanade is also conveniently close-by. Bottom-line, the location is fantastic.

Oh and I must point out, even though you’re so close to the hustle and bustle, you can hardly hear the noise from the hostel!

ADDRESS: 76 Boat Quay, 049864



  • Proceed to Changi Airport MRT and take the East West line heading towards Tanah Merah MRT (EW4).
  • Alight at Tanah Merah MRT (EW4). Proceed towards platform B (East West line) and board train going towards Joo Koon MRT.
  • Alight at Outram MRT (EW16) and board the purple Northeast line towards Punggol MRT.
  • And finally alight at Clarke Quay MRT (NE5).
  • At the station lookout for EXIT F and then turn right and walk along the Singapore River and you will see 5footway.inn to your right three minutes later.

The journey will take approximately 30 min.
The single trip MRT ticket will cost S$ 2.10.

  • From Changi Airport, by MRT and bus: view map.
  • From Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, by MRT and bus: view map.
  • From Harbourfront Ferry Terminal, by MRT and bus: view map.
  • From Tuas checkpoint, by MRT and bus: view map.
  • From Woodlands Checkpoint, by MRT and bus: view map.

Overall Ratings

Rooms – 4/5 ;  Service – 4/5 ;  Location – 5/5 ;  Value – 5/5

Do  visit their website for more information! (

5 Footway Inn, Thank you for having me. 🙂

Peace & Love,

Eileen x

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