Spa Treatments for Less in Singapore

The one thing that I really love indulging in is a good spa session and I believe it’s the same for many Singaporeans who accumulate that stress from work and being cooped up in a hectic environment. I know that there are several amazing spas in Singapore like this list of stunning spas compiled by but they also require me to break the bank.

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5 Reasons You Should Spend Your Weekend Onboard MV Nautica

Fireworks, 6 fantastic dives and excellent company – That was how I spent my weekend last week, onboard MV Nautica in Tioman. I arrived at Punggol Marina at 6:15pm on Friday (25/4) with absolutely no intentions other than to get my Advanced Dive Certificate. But as the engines roared and the vessel gradually drifted away from the jetty, I embarked on one of my greatest weekends yet.

“view from the boat at sunrise”


 photo credits to Nautica Diving 

Throughout the week since I got back, all I could think about was another dive adventure onboard MV Nautica. So much so that it deserves to be written in an article and I want to share the reasons why you should spend your weekend on MV Nautica as well. Whether you are looking into taking your open water, or planning a leisure dive, MV Nautica is a great place to start. 

“MV Nautica” 


 photo credits to Nautica Diving

#1. Eat Sleep Dive REPEAT

Eat Sleep Dive REPEAT. Eat Sleep Dive REPEAT. This was my routine onboard MV Nautica and I LOVE it. The great thing about a live-onboard is that you get to relax and chill on the deck or sleep in your beds in between dives. Being constantly out at sea, you also have the option of jumping off the boat and into the sea to snorkel/swim with the turtles and fishes, which we did! You wake up to the blue sea. You have a nice deck to lounge in between dives, and constant supply of drinks (beer included), in between dives (yes I know I said it twice). But seriously, what’s not to love? – note: you shouldn’t be drinking beer in between dives though.

“Wake up to this – from the boat, out at sea”


 photo credits to Jeremy Lyen

“Chill here” 


 photo credits to Nautica Diving

“Let the sounds of the guitar serenade you in the evening” 


photo credits to Jeremy Lyen

“Wake up again in the morning knowing you’ll have more dives for the day”   


photo credits to Christopher Vaes

“Jump back on the deck to chill before another dive session”


 photo credits to Nautica Diving

#2. Hassle-Free 

If you’re just like me, bogged down by a full time job, and have limited time to plan and go on dive trips, MV Nautica is for you. The minute you get onboard, you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING and just think about diving. You wouldn’t need to rush through immigration with your dive equipments. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip. The crew is simply amazing – they make sure you don’t have to worry about a single thing the minute you get on the boat. You just have to enjoy yourself!

“They have premium beds for you to get romantic out at sea” 


 photo credits to Nautica Diving

“Deluxe cabins are also available” 


 photo credits to Nautica Diving

“Even the bunk beds come with a view”


 photo credits to Nautica Diving


 THE FOOD IS SO SO SO SO GOOD. The chef has yearrrsssss of experience cooking onboard. And I mean like 15 years? It’s insanely good and I’m not even exaggerating. I actually went for seconds after every meal. There is also a BBQ night where we had excellent grilled seafood with some heavenly sauce it was marinated in. Bottom-line, you have to get onboard to try it. (PS: People actually go back onboard for the amazing food)

“Have a BBQ night on board”


photo credits to Jeremy Lyen

“Drool at the mouth watering the dishes” 


 photo credits to Nautica Diving

“We are pleased, happy and well-fed divers”  


photo credits to Christophe Vaes

#4. Amazing Crew

I cannot stress enough how amazing the crew was. The dive team and the boat crew onboard really made the trip complete. The captain was even serenading us with his guitar and singing. The boat crew was so meticulous and made sure everything was looked after. Plus the boat was kept super clean. These guys are like santa’s elves working while we’re all in bed. And don’t get me started on the dive crew. I felt absolutely safe in their hands and so glad to be onboard to share the experience with them.

“They have fireworks upon special request”


photo credits to Nautica Diving

“I bet they can nail a fancy dinner if you asked”  


photo credits to Nautica Diving

 “And they will organise an absolutely unforgettable birthday for you” 


photo credits to Jeremy Lyen

“The crew brings so much joy” 


 photo credits to Nautica Diving

“They are also very patient and constantly look out for you”  


photo credits to Christophe Vaes

#5. It’s worth it!

Finally, add up #1, #2, #3, #4, and you are ready for an amazing weekend of diving with MV Nautica. The experience is DEFINITELY worth your money. It may sound like a lot at first, but if you think about it, the trip covers the sta; the journey there; AMAZING FOOD; dive equipments; basically almost everything you need on your trip. It’s hassle-free, your well-being is being looked after.. and I can go on forever about how much I enjoyed myself and I’m very certain you will as well!


 photo credits to Nautica Diving


Check out their 2014 Dive Schedule HERE and the rates are HERE

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