Bunc@Radius – the hostel that wants you to have fun in style (Part 1)

Bunc@Radius is operated under the Radiance Hospitality Group and they have other hotels in Malaysia and Singapore. The group operates a wide selection hotels for the various type of travellers, from chic to luxurious. Bunc@Radius was started by a group of enthusiast keen on reassembling an affordable hostel in Singapore yet allowing hostel guests to enjoy the luxury they deserve at a lower cost.

Personal Experience

I was invited to stay at the Little India brunch where they first set up. The space and layout was something that first appealed to me. Having been to various hostels in Singapore, space is something that is quite limiting so I was surprised to see the high(er than average) ceilings and open communal area. For a minute, I was transported back to one of the European Hostels I stayed at previously.

In this first part of my review, I will be sharing (i) my first impressions of the hostel and (ii) my experience in their private room.

DSC_0394“Entrance and communal area to Bunc@Radius, Little India”

DSC_0388“Reception area where super friendly and extremely hospitable staff are ready to welcome you”

DSC_0395“Imac for Apple fans”

DSC_0396“Windows for everyone else!”

DSC_0400“Quirky decorative items that are symbolic of Singapore”

DSC_0402“Selection of works by emerging local artist”

DSC_0403“And look whose work I found? One of my besties’ Denise Jillan Tan, who will be joining me for my second stay with Bunc@Radius”

DSC_0379“My key card to my private room”

In general, the prices of the private room varies and rate of the room I stayed in costs an average of SGD 140 per night. Private rooms are a great option for couples or friends who appreciate their own space (and toilet) but still want to be able to experience living in a hostel and mingling with other travellers alike.

Bunc@Radius endeavours to provide the luxury for hostel guests at an affordable price. True enough, the bed was super comfy and even came with two separate duvets so you don’t have to fight for the blanket with your partner. (This is also the same for double beds in shared rooms, you each get your own duvet blanket!) Even the pillows they provide are soft and fluffy.

The room had everything I needed. It also came equipped with a TV offering a selection of in-house movies for your enjoyment. Most importantly, it was clean. I’m very particular about the cleanliness of an accommodation and Bunc@Radius met my standards. I took a peak into their shared bathroom and it was equally clean! Apparently, 3-4 cleaning sessions are scheduled a day (Bravo!)

What I was particular drawn to during my stay was Bunc@Radius’s simple concept yet detail to comfort and quality.  I will follow up with a more wholesome review about their dormitories after my second stay with them. So psyched!

DSC_0368“My double bed for the night”

DSC_0374“Decoration that gave the room a nice touch”

Having been and stayed in a few hostels around the world, I feel the need to give their Ladies Lounge a shoutout. I’m not sexist but I felt that it was very thoughtful of the hostel to provide a female only lounge for the comfort of female travellers who may be traveling alone and feel more comfortable chilling in a ladies only common area.

The Ladies Lounge is furnished with lounging sofas and sweet looking decorative items. Provides for a very calming and tranquil environment if you want to escape from the buzz and sit down with a good book after a tiring sightseeing day.

DSC_0424“Entry to the Ladies Lounge”

DSC_0425“Inside the Ladies Lounge”


DSC_0426“Sweet girly touches”

DSC_0429“It’s okay if you didn’t bring a book, there’s plenty for your pick”

DSC_0401“Had breakfast the next day which was simple and fuss free.”

There were plenty of information written on the walls of the communal area for the convenience of travellers visiting Singapore. Bunc@Radius also curate various walking tours around the city. As a guest of the hostel, I felt that the team really put in the effort to ensure that travellers have a wholesome experience in Singapore.

DSC_0391“Guide to what you need to know in Singapore written loud and clear on their walls”


DSC_0392“There is something happening everyday”


Thank you Bunc@Radius for this part 1 of my experience with you. I really am looking forward to the next visit.

The Location

Bunc@Radius, Little India:
15 Upper Weld Road, Singapore 207372.

Bunc@Radius, Clarke Quay:
36 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058670. 



Bunc Hostel even prepared a pdf guide for the convenience of travellers!

Do visit their website if you want to find out more or make reservations!


Overall Ratings

Rooms – 4.5/5 ;  Service – 4.5/5 ;  Location – 4.5/5 ;  Value – 5/5

Stay tune for Part 2, featuring a really awesome event deck, their dormitories, and free zouk passes!

Peace & Love,

Eileen x

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