Bunc@Radius – the hostel that wants you to have fun in style (Part 2)

I was invited to stay at Bunc@Radius Hostel for the second time last weekend (thank you so much for the generosity)! During my first visit to Bunc@Radius, I was given the opportunity to experience their private room. You can read more about it here.

For the second stay, I had the privilege of trying out the bunk rooms and dragged a few of my girlfriends along to spend the night.

Personal Experience


There were 8 beds (4 bunk bed) in our room but it didn’t feel crammed at all. Each of us settled in rather quickly and found our own comfortable spot.

DSC_0796Lockers are available under the bed for your personal belongings (padlocks not included).

DSC_0781As I had previously stayed in the private room, in the comforts of a double bed, I lowered my expectations this time round for the bunk beds. Naturally if I were to pay less for the bunk beds, I’d be prepared to compromise on the quality. However, to be perfectly honest with you, the mattress was thick and comfortable and I had such a good sleep! The pillows and blankets were also the same ones offered in the private rooms. I’ve been to some that feels as if you’re sleeping on the wooden frame, but definitely not here at Bunc.


Each guests are entitled their own reading light (which changes between blue and white light!) As well as a space to hang clothes/towel and to store your luggage.


Look how comfy the space is! ~~


Being slightly OCD, I get put off by common shower facilities quite easily and I tend to only take quick showers in them. But the common shower room at Bunc@Radius was surprisingly clean that I didn’t mind enjoying a nice warm shower (and even frolic in it)

As introduced in my earlier post, Bunc@Radius has a really nice event deck for their guest to chill and hang out. The space is also available for ad hoc events like BBQ-ing. There is a separate kitchen where guests are allowed to cook. If you are possessive over your groceries, fret not, food lockers are also available.


Laundry facilities


Outdoor dining area (there’s another indoor dining space on the ground floor)


My favourite part of the event deck is where all cosy bean bags are. I’m in love with the bright colours that help to make the entire deck POP! If you and your friend are planning to unwind from a long day of traveling, this space is perfect to relax and enjoy a game or 2 on the console or to simply watch a movie based on the selection provided!

Guests who enjoy partying will be pleased to know that Bunc@Radius provides their guests with free passes to Zouk! (approach the front desk for more info)

All in all, my friends and I really enjoyed Bunc@Radius’s hospitality (thank you again!) They really go the extra mile to make sure their guests have the best experience in Singapore. As featured in my earlier post, Bunc@Radius organises daily walking tours to enhance the guests’ experience as well as the sale of tickets to top attractions. On top of that, the hostel is kept up to date with the latest events in town to make sure guests are well informed and don’t miss out on any fun!

If you are heading down to Singapore for your next visit and looking for a place to’ Bunc’ in (pun intended), do give Bunc@Radius a go. 🙂

The Location

Bunc@Radius, Little India:
15 Upper Weld Road, Singapore 207372.

Bunc@Radius, Clarke Quay:
36 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058670.



Bunc@Radius Hostel even prepared a pdf guide for the convenience of travellers!

Do visit their website if you want to find out more or make reservations!


Overall Ratings

Rooms – 4.5/5 ;  Service – 4.5/5 ;  Location – 4.5/5 ;  Value – 5/5


Peace & Love,

Eileen x


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