A grumpy monologue

*Buzz Buzz
Buzz Buzz*

Why does my phone keep buzzing and why is my bag so heavy?! Somehow, I always manage to pack too much

glances at phone – ‘please remember to get that bag from Heathrow, and don’t forget my serum.’ 

“Hi, Ms Fong, this is your boarding pass. This gate will close 10 mins before departure”

“Thank you”

Can’t wait to get on the flight and sleep.
Where should I go now? May be I’ll just go through security first.

Oh crap, the queue is so long.

Why do people wear so much stuff on them knowing they are going through security screening?


“Sir, your phone and belt please”


“Step aside”

a million years later…

Ahhh, there, my favourite seat. Please let the seat beside me be empty

lugs my bag and duty free orders

I never fail to pack too much or over purchase. Hopefully the bottles don’t roll out and fall on someone’s head

sits back down

Let’s see, what’s on the in-flight entertainment. Walter Mitty, Grand Hotel Budapest.

“Sorry excuse me” – points at the seat beside me

Dang it, I’m not alone. Never mind, just hope this one doesn’t chat as much as the last. I could use some sleep.

“Traveling alone?”

Do I look like I’m with anyone else?

“Yeah” – i smiled

Okay back to my in-flight magazine

*Baby wailing*

Nooooooooooo… my nightmare. Why is there always a child or baby seated near me when I fly

*Baby continues to cry*

(Sigh) There goes my sleep

“Cabin crew, prepare for take-off”

Yes. Time to head home! May be I can catch some rest before the food

fidget fidget

I can never get comfortable on these chairs

fidget fidget

Okay, I might as well watch something – looks over to the passenger beside. Woah, he’s already asleep. That’s good.

Think the air stewardess is giving out the in-flight menu. Hope it’s not the same as the last time – looks at menu. Yeah, it’s the same. What was I expecting?

Fish, chicken? Fish, chicken?  Okay fish.

looks at my watch

What, it’s only been 15 minutes? Geez, 12 hours more. Maybe I’ll watch Walter Mitty (again)