One day till the end of my exams. I’m feeling good so here’s a feel good post for all of you!

Have you ever had a very satisfying meal with your friends but feel somewhat guilty after that? Wanting brunch but feeling bad for drowning your food in hollandaise sauceJustifying every gourmet burger with a workout the next day? Or just skipping that after dinner dessert? Trust me, I’m totally with you.

I had a chat recently with the lovely people from StretchCity and was introduced to guilt-free (and delicious) food joints around Singapore. I never realised there were so many awesome cafés and restaurants that are perfect for some after dinner meet-up, weekend brunch or a simple and satisfying meal minus the bad stuff you put in your body most of the time.

Instead of the standard cafés/all-day breakfast joints, try these instead: (courtesy of StretchCity, do check out their website for more recommendations!)

1. VeganBurg

VeganBurg is the world’s first vegan burger fast food chain. Dig into your burger without feeling as if your arteries are going to choke! If you’re not convinced, have a look at their menu (psst, go for the creamy shrooms). Another reason why VeganBurg is a great place to dine is their accessibility. There are several branches around Singapore including the CBD area (who says you can’t have burger for lunch?!) and they also offer delivery services!


photo credits: VeganBurg

2. Marmalade Toast Café

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Marmalade Pantry. Marmalade Toast Café is their sister café bringing you sandwiches that are freshly prepared. Not to mention, they have really awesome salad selection which you can dine in or takeaway. Living up to the standards of Marmalade Pantry, if you’re a fan, you definitely can’t miss the Marmalade Toast Café. (tip: Pure Yoga goers, it’s really close to you at Ngee Ann City!)


photo credit: The Marmalade Group

3. Le Mama Shop by Frootkeyk

Le Mama Shop is perfect for the dessert lovers. Organic, gluten-free, low-fat, egg-free, dairy free, lactose-free, soy-free (ok you get the drift). Le Mama Shop allows you to have your second slice without feeling guilty. Healthy and delicious, this is definitely a winner!

(note: Le Mama Shop is currently relocating, keep a look out for their new launch)


photo credits: Froot.Keyk

4. Fill-a-Pita

If you haven’t had a pita, you NEED to have a pita. Pita is a Mediterranean food and probably not common amongst Singaporean’s diet. Pita is essentially a flatbread that is filled with different fillings (falafel and more falafel please) PLUS you can dip it in various sauces (hummus is my favourite!) Bottom-line, it’s pretty healthy (depending on what you put in it) and definitely satisfying.  Taste this pocket full of goodness now.


photo credits: Fill-a-Pita

5. The Living Café

The Living Café prides themselves by offering you nutrition and raw food that also taste good. The menu is indeed mouth-watering and the spacious interior of the café is THE venue for a get-together. Good things are meant to be shared, right?


photo credits: The Living Cafe

6. Café Salivation

We often link food like lasagne, pastas or pizzas as unhealthy. What if I told you that there’s a café in Singapore that gives you your satisfying italian food, all-american diner food, and even the exotic Mexican cuisine, entirely vegetarian? Café Salivation is your answer to a good, vegetarian, hearty, Western cuisine. Café Salivation is constantly coming up with great ideas that is both meat-less and irresistible (did someone say sweet potato burger and cashewnut paella? Hell Yeah!)


photo credits: Café Salivation

7. Real Food

As the name suggest, real food is here to give you REAL food. They are here to serve you 100% organic, meat-free food  and they promise it will be as good as it looks. Healthy doesn’t mean that your options are restricted, on the contrary, you’ll be surprised what Real Food has come up with. StretchCity did an interview with them and here’s what Real Food has to say about their philosophy of food.


photo credits: The Real Food

8. The Green Bar

Not just your typical salad bar, Green Bar has also added all-day breakfast to their menu (check out the french toast)! I’ve also heard that the BIG BOSS breakfast is a popular choice. The reviews are really good for both their sumptuous salad and their all day breakfast. What are you waiting for? (I think my tummy just growled)


photo credits: The Green Bar

9. Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar

ONAKA is short for Optimum Nutrition And Kitchen Arts. With a vision to spread conscious and mindful eating, ONAKA is dedicated to creating food upon understanding the nutritious health benefits behind what they are plating up. They also offer nutrition courses and professional advice. Sounds deep? Who cares, it’s good for you and delicious is an understatement for the dishes they come up with.


photo credits: ONAKA

10. 7 sensations

This place is dubbed by many as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Singapore. Your healthy choice is available in both Asian and Western. I think that the achievements of this restaurant can speak for itself.

31521_394553991134_6309722_n 30071_394179271134_2038603_n

photo credits: 7 sensations

So there you have it, a non-exhaustive list of guilt-free café and restaurants in Singapore, serving you delicious mouth-watering food. I can’t believe I’m only hearing about these places now. Do I want the best of both gourmet worlds (good for your system and spa for your tastebuds)? Who are you kidding?! I’m sold. You should be too. Time to refresh your palettes. Bon appetite. 😉

Peace & Love,

Eileen x