I had the opportunity to work with the Naiise team and curated a collection for their travel campaign. I even had the chance to come up with the theme! I went with”Into the Wild“. If you’re unfamiliar with Naiise, they sell really well-designed products.

Like this Milk Jug Glass Vase


And this Outdoor Sky Planter

Boskke_Outdoor_Sky_Planter_a_grandeOr this slick Roadster from my Into the Wild Collection


In addition, I answered a series of short questions and provided some travel tips. Thought I could share some of my answers here.  

‘Top 3 must-haves while travelling?”. 

1) Smartphone

– Smartphone. I know this may sound like a luxury and as much as we wish to disconnect when we travel, it’s hard to discredit the convenience of having one. I am able to go paperless and carry all my documents such as itinerary, boarding passes in a device (just don’t forget your travel adaptor and charger). I also rely on the language app that allows me to communicate with the locals easily. There’s also offline maps and XE currency app, which keeps me moving. I have written an article about useful travel apps, which can be read here.


photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc

2) Sarong

– Sarong. A sarong is so versatile. You can wrap it around when you’re cold, shield yourself from the sun when it gets too hot, use it as a mat on the beach, a towel or turn it into a dress. For ladies, it can be handy when you visit temples!


photo credit: the apostrophe via photopin cc

3) Trusty and comfortable pair of shoes 

– Trusty and comfortable pair of shoes. I tend to do a lot of walking on my travels (and steer on to off-beaten paths once in a while). Therefore I need proper footwear to take me to places. You don’t want to be worrying about sore feet when there’s so much to see!

photo credit: Joaquin Villaverde Photography via photopin cc

Best Traveling Tip?

Keep an open mind – travelling is all about seeing new things, learning new cultures and trying things that you’ve never thought about doing. Do not be afraid to embrace it with all your senses.

photo credit: dlemieux via photopin cc

You can read the rest of my interview here, and remember to check out all the other cool stuff on Naiise!

PS: For the benefit of all those who love knick-knacks and designs with a Singapore touch, Naiise.com has a great selection of such items. Including accessories inspired by nostalgic Singaporean snacks (i.e. Gem biscuits, Kueh Lapis), Singlish Perpetual Calendar, as well as the Kan Cheong Spider watch.

Thank you Naiise team again for this wonderful opportunity! 🙂

Peace & Love,

Eileen x