Apologies for the hiatus! I’m finally back with a proper article to present to all of you. This post is a collaboration with popular online dating site Love Out Loud Asia. When I was asked to do a guest post on romantic destinations, I was super psyched! (Almost) Everyone is in love with the idea of love and so very often, we fantasize about that perfect romantic destination with the lover, whether it’s for a honeymoon or a spontaneous getaway.


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“We travel for romance, we travel for architecture, and we travel to be lost.” – These are the inspiring words from writer Ray Bradbury.

Nothing else ignites that warm fuzzy feeling inside more than a romantic escapade with the love of your life. Imagine a nice picnic with a glass of wine in front of the Eiffel Tower, or a dip in the calming blue sea off the coast of Maldivesor not. (Sorry to burst your bubble there) We’ve all heard of such cliché romantic destinations but given the fact that every couple has a unique bond – the notion of romance should also be subjective to each pair. When I think of a romantic destination, I think of the different types of couples out there and the sort of memories they would want to create together.

New York City, USA – For the Metropolitans

New York City is the perfect getaway for the Metropolitans. The city has so much to offer; spend your evening catching Broadway shows or visit a world-renown museum like MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). If splurging is an option, book a romantic candlelight dinner at one of the many Michelin Restaurants in New York City. Come nightfall, pick a spot on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building and watch the city come to life. I’d like to think that this is the sort of twilight (no pun intended) that a city-loving couple would appreciate.


Santorini, Greece – For the Laid-backs

There is no better destination than this beautiful slow paced Greek Island for the laid-back couple. Imagine lying by the infinity pool with a background canvassed with white and blue cave houses. Indulge in an evening wine tasting session as your eyes fixate on the grandeur of an unforgettable sunset. Snuggle up in the arms of your lover and as you watch the fireball descend beyond the horizon of the Aegean Sea. Santorini is truly an undisturbed paradise for a romantic escapade.


Prague, Czech Republic – For the Dreamers

Walking along the cobbled streets of Prague, there is a somewhat magical atmosphere in the air. This medieval town offers a fairytale experience as you chance upon a Dancing Building or spend the day getting lost in the largest Castle in the world. With several other icons like the quirky Astronomical Clock and the gothic Charles Bridge, this charming city breathes romance. Complete the dreamy itinerary with a movie date at Prague’s oldest cinema, where the interior resonate a quintessential European Cabaret Theatre.


South Africa – For the Adventurous

Unlike others (I’m not referring to you, laid-backs), some couples love living on the edge. Embark on a road trip in South Africa and be surprised by the picturesque landscapes at every turn. Escape into the wild and spend a cosy night in a luxury tent at the Safari, under a night sky blanketed with millions of stars. The adrenalin junkies have the option of jumping off the highest commercial bungee jump bridge or diving alongside the Great White Sharks. Trust me – the adventurous couple will notget bored exploring the marvellous South Africa.


Sri Lanka – For the Culture Loving

Sri Lanka would not typically come to mind as a romantic destination but for the culture loving couple, it has the potential of being the trip of a lifetime. Follow the footsteps of the king as you hike up Sigiriya – the top offers a vantage view of its beautiful surroundings. Go Café hopping around Galle Fort, a colourful and vibrant town fortified by the Dutch or listen to the love tales of the royals as the both of you take a stroll hand-in-hand, through what was once the Ancient Kingdom of Polonnaruwa. Sri Lanka is sprawling with historical and cultural sites, many which are still hidden and waiting to be uncovered by the culture loving enthusiasts.


The world is huge and this list is certainly non-exhaustive. Treat the map like a playground and feel free to go on a wanderlust spree with your partner. The joy of venturing into a new space with the lover is enough to brew a romantic experience – for me at least. No matter where your next flight departs to, I hope you find that perfect, romantic, destination.

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