Let me first start by admitting that I was one of those people who gave the lamest excuses before I tried out yoga classes. Having been there, I understand your plight to a certain extent. However, I’ve since signed up and I’m loving it so much!

Now that I’ve reaped the benefits from doing yoga, I want to spread it around! The objective of this post is to encourage all of you to give yoga a chance. To the people who are just like how I was before, I just want to say to you, “cut the crap, do yoga”. I promise you, there are way more pros than cons. (Honestly, the only downside I can think of is how irresistible Lululemon appears to me now.)

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Here are the worst and the most common excuses heard:

1. “I can’t touch my toes!”

You don’t have to touch your toes to do yoga. It’s precisely you can’t touch your toes THAT’S WHY YOU SHOULD DO YOGA! I couldn’t touch my toes either and still can’t but yoga is one activity that can help you work the muscles you neglect and therefore increasing your flexibility. You shouldn’t aim to touch your toes if you can barely go pass your knees. Instead, look at yoga as a way to stretch better than you can right now. Inch by inch, bit by bit, you may end up touching your toes, that’s a bonus!


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2. “Yoga is so boring, stretching about for 1 hour?”

There is this great misconception that yoga is all about meditating and stretching. Yoga goes beyond that and works your entire body. Different types of yoga cater to different body type and needs. For instance, try Ashtanga yoga if you want something more dynamic and gets your heart racing. In yoga, you can be calm like an eagle,  zen like a tree or fierce like a cobra. One day you may even find yourself upside down. How is that boring?! On top of that, different instructors will have different styles. Here’s a special shout out to Yun (credits: Stretch City) who was the instructor for my very first hot yoga power class! Every class that I’ve attended of hers since are fun and different! If you need more exciting ideas and information relating to Yoga, Stretch City is a good place to start. Remember, Yoga is everything but boring.


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3. “It doesn’t make me sweat! I need cardio workout.”

Have you tried staying in a 40 degrees room for an hour? Not doing anything, just being in there. Trust me you’ll sweat buckets. If you enjoy sweating it out when you exercise, try the hot yoga classes. Birkram classes are 90mins. If you enjoy being in a hot room for a longer period, go for it. As mentioned above, yoga will get your heart racing. If you want cardio workout, try the power flow classes. It’s fast pace, it’s about being strong, working your core and still maintaining a calm breath. Not as easy as it sounds!


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4. “Too expensive to sign up for the classes”

Times are hard I understand, yoga classes can be pricey and membership is hard to keep up. BUT, these are not legitimate excuses! There are so many youtube videos that guide you step by step. The only bills you pay are those to your service provider for internet and utilities.

You don’t need a yoga mat as well, you can get by with a towel. You must have at least a towel at home. If you have friends who practice yoga, meet up at someone’s place and do it together! If you have a small budget, consider classes at the community centres. Or find a yoga instructor and trade skills. Seriously, you don’t need money to start doing yoga.


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5. “Haven’t got time for yoga when my schedule is so busy!”

Worst and most common excuse of the lot! Everyone is busy, EVERYONE. But people find time to go for yoga! The busiest profession I know have a large number of people practicing. Men or women. Whether you are a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher or just busy with tonnes of client meeting, it’s not about having time, it’s about making time. The classes are only an hour. For Singaporeans, it’s lesser time taken to travel across the island (via public transport). For everyone else, it’s about the same time as an episode of a standard TV series. Whether you’re waking up slightly earlier to do yoga before start your day, or just doing a quick routine before you shower and hit the sack, being busy shouldn’t be an excuse.


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Having said all that, HERE’S WHY YOU NEED TO DO YOGA:

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Peace & Love,
Eileen x