Singapore is very limited in land space and new residential developments are being built smaller and smaller. Whether you’re living in a private property, condominium, or hdb flat, learning how to maximise small spaces will definitely come in handy at some point in your life.

The reason why I even started researching this topic is because I’m going to be moving next year and I was told my new room will be smaller than my current! Having done quite a bit of research for the past couple of weeks, I figured I shouldn’t let the information go to waste! Here is my compilation of little affordable tips on the DOS and DON’TS for MAXIMISING Small Spaces:

1. De-Clutter

Out of all the tips I’m giving, this is the most important. Seems logical and is something you will do, but you’ll be surprised at the amount of (inner) hoarders out there. The minute you have clutter around the house, clothes all over your room, it will shrink in size. Why do showrooms always look bigger than it actually is? Why do interior design magazines always make the room so much nicer? Because there is no clutter!



photo credit: jessica wilson {jek in the box} via photopin cc



photo credit: freshome

2. Utilise Air space

Quite often, we focus on the space we see and we forget the invisible space that is available around. Maximise space by using air space and not just furnishing based on floor area. By raising things up higher, you are creating light and space and preferential for a smaller room.



photo credit: tachyondecay via photopin cc


  • Prop the bed higher and you can use the space below for storing bulky items such as clean pillows, casings and linens. If you can, make the bed even higher into a loft bed and use the bottom area as study, storage or chilling space.


photo credits: Lush Home

  • Float your desk, drawers and even your shelves!


photo credits: Apartment Therapy

  • Hang things. Hang your lamp, hang you potted plants, hang you bed side table or clothes rail. Because you are suspending your objects in the air, you allow increase the area on the floor and  thus creates the illusion of space.


photo credit: monsterscircus (click to learn how to make this)


photo credit: shelterness (click for more cool bedside lamp)

3. White/Light colour scheme

I’m pretty sure many of you have come across nice white scandinavian themed rooms on pinterest, tumblr etc… And for the above “DO” pictures, the common theme is white. White and light palettes make the room look brighter, hence expanding the space. It’s the same logic as clothes, wear something dark it makes you look slimmer, paint the room dark it looks smaller. Also, white and light background will be a great neutral tone to match your furnitures.



photo credits: uglyhousephotos



photo credit: ooh_food via photopin cc

4. Reflection

Mirrors definitely double the size of your room. Place an oversized mirror somewhere and see it work it’s magic.



photo credits: progression by design



photo credits: blog.comfree


  • Place the mirror by the window so it reflects natural light back into the room. The more natural light into the room, the bigger it looks.
  • If you don’t like waking up to mirrors in your face, make a curtain across a full ceiling to floor mirror and draw it at night when you’re sleeping. If it’s a small mirror, simply place a shawl over.

5. Be Bold & Creative

This is very important as you have to make use of every area you are given. It is very natural to want to push all the furnitures to the wall in a small room but that might not be the best way to enhance space. Can you turn your bed around? Do you need that table at the side? Try placing it somewhere else. You’ll be surprised.

Also take note of hidden spots that can be utilised. Make hooks behind your door and hang your bags or coats and accessories. Place a tall standing rack in an awkward corner. Be creative.


photo credit: apartment therapy


photo credit: design sponge (click for more AMAZING storage solution)

And here is a video from the youtube series, “Small Spaces, BIG DESIGNS”. It’s great, take down notes.

I hope that this post have inspired you in one way or another. Do click on the links if you want to learn more as they take you to even more inspiring articles.

PS: I’ll be going on a 2 week hiatus as exams are here! But I will try and do up a couple more post after my exams (or 1 in between if I need a break from books) and before I leave for Sri Lanka. 🙂

Peace & Love,

Eileen x