Jet black clouds consume the night sky,
crowding over the gothic tower;
where Rapunzel committed suicide.

The smell of rotten flesh reeks from inside,
yet the disgusting rats feed on it with utmost desire.

Oh how can one live on with such contained hatred?

Feeling of being walled up in your little world,
not knowing what is happening on the other side.

Oblivion is never bliss, yet knowing is not all fortune.

When Rapunzel knew the truth of the real world,
she didn’t know that the truth could take her soul away.

Because she realize outside, behind those walls,
actually lies the dark side of life.

And if all along, her whole was the bright one,
there was nothing worth living for,
she rather die.

So the intensity grew inside her, and it grew so strong,
like it can explode any moment,
synchronizing with the blast of thunder.

She figured, if she can never be happy,
there wasn’t a point to live.

In the end, she ended her own misery, and took her whole life