The little girl was very happy when she entered the amusement park
It was like paradise, for there were candy floss, popcorns, rides.
All the fun she ever dreamt of.
Last time she went to one, was ages ago,
and her feelings escalated when she chanced upon this fantasy.
She pounced on all the rides possible.
New ones she never tried.
Stuffed her face with all the sweet little nothings available.
She binged, and binged.
All of a sudden, she found herself outside this quirky looking tent.
She entered, it was the odd mirror maze.
It was exciting at first, but she never knew the difficulty of getting out.
She ended up trapped, all she could see was her strange reflections.
Different sizes and shapes.
Everything wasn’t real.
And she didn’t know how reality looked like anymore.
The mirrors cracked.
And the clowns appeared from no where,
swarming towards her like vultures feeding on, something.
Colourful balloons that floated in the sky beautifully,
popped one by one.
The place she loved turned into darkness.
She ran, and ran.
Her screams sliced through the silence.
There goes her dream, her fantasy.
Slowly, it disintegrates, disappears.
And she just kept running and running.
Don’t stop, don’t look back.
Just keep running.