I was going through my drafts on my dashboard and I realise how lazy i’ve been with keeping up my writing! Found this New York post and I decided that I should update it for the courtesy friends who will be visiting the Big Apple in time to come!

It’s about this time last year that I visited New York and I absolutely miss it. Honestly before I left I thought it might be overrated since everyone talks about NYC and how good about it and I didn’t want to get my hopes too high. But when I got there, I was wrong, it was great! The city, the people was just so welcoming and tourist friendly.

Easter period was still rather chilly when I got there so I reckon the hotter months of Spring closer to Summer would be the perfect weather to visit. Though I would imagine the snowy winters to be lovely too, skating outside at Wollman Ice Skating Rink in the middle of central park.

What to see?

Like I said, there is so much to see and do in New York but so little time! These are just the places I managed to cover during my short stay and hope the little tip along the way helps your stay in New York City!

I think that every tourist or even locals, should visit the observation deck at the Top of the Rock and admire NYC’s skyline. Just before sunset is a really good time to go up as you can literally see the city lighting up, and get the best of day view and night view. Do buy your tickets in advance and book the time slot for sunset because it can get busy then. Some would argue that the Empire State Building can offer a better view but I beg to differ. On the Top of the Rock you can actually see the Empire State Building and a perfect view of central park from 70 stories up.
One can opt to ride a ferry to Liberty Island and see the statue up close but I opted for the Staten Island Ferry, which is free, and sails past the statue for passengers to glimpse a view and snap some pictures.
Statue of Liberty
This is obviously on of the landmarks in NYC. It takes awhile to get across the bridge on foot but doing so you can get to see a different perspective of the NYC skyline. It felt kinda surreal when I was there because I ever only saw the bridge in movies or tv shows. There’s actually a lot of history behind this bridge as well. It is one of the oldest suspension bridge in United States and the first steel wire suspension bridge. So do experience it yourself and whilst you’re there please drop by Grimaldi’s pizza because it really really good (I can vouch for it cause I had it, and Frank Sinatra too, it’s one of his favourites)
Brooklyn Bridge
One really absolutely, definitely, not in a million years can miss visiting MoMA when in New York. Nuff said.
If I am absolutely honest, I’ve been to the Natural History Museum in London and I absolutely love it there so it’s really hard to surpass that expectation. Nonetheless, American Natural History Museum houses and large number of specimens and it has a huge IMAX theatre as well. It will be a great location and a day-out for families to visit and it is no doubt still a good Natural History Museum, one of the in the world. But it my opinion it can’t beat the one in London but it’s worth a visit if you’re not intending to visit Europe anytime soon.
The museum’s also by the central park. Another reason to visit! Have a picnic with your friends and family or cycle around the park. It’s huge.
This is a new elevated park in the middle of the New York hustle and bustle and gives a totally feel from central park. It’s beautiful as a landscape architecture and a great place to unwind.
High Line



The Grand Central Terminal turns 100 years old! Of course this place is spotted in tonnes of movies from The Fisher King to Madagascar and not long ago the flash mob scene at the end of Friends with Benefit. The building and the architecture of this building is amazing and you get a sense of awe being in the Grand Central Terminal.
Oh, and watch this video to know about the secrets of the Grand Central Terminal.
One of the most beautiful public library in the world it sits not too far away from the Grand Central Terminal. The New York Public Library dates way back to the 19th Century and it is still in operation today. The architecture and interior of this library is remarkable. The New York Public Library also has on-going exhibitions that might be of interest to you. When I was there I visited an exhibition on the life of Shelly (author of Frankenstein). So as you’re walking down 5th Ave, try to pop in this magnificent structure.

Of course the last recommendation had to be a bang. Times Square. It never sleeps. There’s always something to do. Everything happens in Time Square. Seriously, shop, dine, watch a broadway. If you haven’t been to Times Square you haven’t been to New York.


There’s sooooooo much to do in New York. And don’t get me started on which restaurants and bars and cafes in New York to visit because I can go on and on and on forever. Bottomline, do come to terms with the fact that you’re not going to get to do or try everything you want on a short trip there (like me) so do plan ahead before you get there, especially make your restaurant bookings if you want to try any of them (especially those that celebrities frequent!)

Also, another tip, taking a taxi in New York City is an art.

Last but not least, this is one of my favourite article on NYC by A CUP OF JO: 10 ways not to look like a tourist

Enjoy your trip to NYC! ❤

Eileen x