I booked my trip to Prague right after I got back from Budapest because Eastern Europe truly left a good impression on me. Prague is such a magical place and I can just imagine it’s different facades throughout the different seasons. Prague is divided into different districts and each of them are unique in their own ways. Due to their history (which I will not go into), the town is filled with a medieval vibe and at every corner of the city you can find amazing architecture. I took my time to explore the city and I must say, I feel in love with Charles Bridge. (Though I must admit, the amount of tourist on the Bridge in the day is to much for my liking. The best time would be in the evening.) Most of the attractions in Prague are known so rather than heading to the conventional venues, I would suggest a little something different for quirky travellers out there.

Take a tour and catch a movie at Prague’s oldest cinema. The interior is gorgeous and I don’t know any other cinemas alike. They occasionally screen English films but when I was there I caught a Czech film (and yes, I did not understand a single word nor was there subtitles) but the acting was good enough for me to laugh along with the locals.

Another thing unique to Prague is their Black Theatre. I caught one when I was there and the plot was an adaptation from Alice in Wonderland, and I must say, it was really interesting. There are different companies that produce this theatric performance, search for a couple online and I would advise booking the popular ones in advance. Students, note that most of them have student discounts. Parents, most of the shows contain nudity so before you take your kids to the show, parental guidance is advised (I’m noting it here, because the one I watched had no warning but it was mostly kids due to the Alice in Wonderland theme).

Another spot that I find is pretty underrated is the Golden Lane at Prague Castle. Walked down the cobbled street filled with tiny medieval houses and learn about the people who lived there back in the 16th century. From goldsmiths to herbalist, don’t underestimate this place, it’s got a lot of interesting stories to tell. Whilst you’re there, why not pop into Manufaktura  for some handmade Czech souvenirs. I got some myself. If you missed the shop, don’t worry as there are plenty of them scattered in town!! (The bath salts and soaps really do smell divine)

I met some nice Czech people (and Dutch, and a few cats) who made my stay really unforgettable and enjoyable and I can’t thank them enough for my experience. Hopefully, yours will be as memorable as mine. 🙂

Peace & Love

Eileen x