Bunc@Radius – the hostel that wants you to have fun in style (Part 2)

I was invited to stay at Bunc@Radius Hostel for the second time last weekend (thank you so much for the generosity)! During my first visit to Bunc@Radius, I was given the opportunity to experience their private room. You can read more about it here.

For the second stay, I had the privilege of trying out the bunk rooms and dragged a few of my girlfriends along to spend the night.

Personal Experience


There were 8 beds (4 bunk bed) in our room but it didn’t feel crammed at all. Each of us settled in rather quickly and found our own comfortable spot.

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Bunc@Radius – the hostel that wants you to have fun in style (Part 1)

Bunc@Radius is operated under the Radiance Hospitality Group and they have other hotels in Malaysia and Singapore. The group operates a wide selection hotels for the various type of travellers, from chic to luxurious. Bunc@Radius was started by a group of enthusiast keen on reassembling an affordable hostel in Singapore yet allowing hostel guests to enjoy the luxury they deserve at a lower cost.

Personal Experience

I was invited to stay at the Little India brunch where they first set up. The space and layout was something that first appealed to me. Having been to various hostels in Singapore, space is something that is quite limiting so I was surprised to see the high(er than average) ceilings and open communal area. For a minute, I was transported back to one of the European Hostels I stayed at previously.

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10 Unique Accommodations You Can Rent on Airbnb

I’m counting down less than a month till I fly off for my month long break – ‘Hurray!. (One of) the best things about travel planning is the search for interesting accommodations around the world. While researching on what Croatia has to offer me, I got distracted and went on browsing other accommodations on Airbnb. What I really like about Airbnb is the huge selection of accommodations for rent by people like you and I. And when I say accommodations, I don’t just mean apartments, or resorts, but also TREE HOUSES, CAVE HOUSES and even IGLOOS?! I think it’s time I give the awesomess a shout-out (Prices are quoted in USD)

1. The Boot
You can totally be part of a fairytale.

Where: Aporo Rd, Tasman, Tasman 7173, New Zealand
Price: From $269 per night (2 pax, no surcharge for extra people)

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 11.57.24 AM

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5 of the Greatest International Shopping Sites (Because They Ship for Free!)

Ah, the itch to click “Add to Basket” can be so overpowering that I sometimes find myself spending money I didn’t have in the first place. (Note: I’m not advocating irresponsible spending!) All for the sake of convenience, really. Click, click, click, enter credit card number, sit back and wait for the postman to deliver your package right to your doorstep.

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